Send to all


Every week Michael McIntyre does a segment on his chat show called “Send to All” in which he asks a member of the audience to surrender their phone to him. He then sends one message to absolutely everyone in their contacts and then reads out the responses, which are more than often extremely comical, as they come through.

In this particular episode, McIntyre sends the message, ‘thinking of getting a total make-over where should I start?” To which his mother replies in a panic causing McIntyre to opt in calling Joseph’s mum claiming that he had tattooed her face on his bum.

This is a good segment as it means that the audience have a chance at feeling included in the chat show and do not remain passive the entire time. It also gives the show a sense of unpredictability, as we never know what Michael McIntyre will text.








  1. Thank you for sharing this show with us, I watched the video and really enjoyed it. I think it’s definitely a very good example of how the audience are what makes the whole programme and the way they participate in it. Most importantly because of audience participation the show doesn’t get boring, yet its funny and unpredictable.


  2. I think that’s quite an old TV trick though; using the audience as part of the entertainment. I feel like it works because it really costs nothing to do this segment but most likely the audience looks forward to it because the unpredictability of it makes it an interesting experience.


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