New Viewser Alert!

Daily Grace was a YouTube channel hosted by My Damn Channel and presented by Grace Helbig, which uploaded videos every day of the week excluding Sundays. There were six categories, one for each day, I will be talking about “Comment Tuesdays” where Grace would take user’s comments from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and “haze” them.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 03.04.23

Firstly she would read out the user name or handle and the comment while showing the screenshot of it, she would then continue to haze them by making fun of their name or comment. This wasn’t seen as offensive or mean and many subscribers would try their hardest to get hazed by Grace in one of her Comment Tuesday videos.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 03.05.47

Every time that Grace thought she was hazing a new user, this graphic text would pop up the word “viewser” being a portmanteau of ‘viewer’ and ‘user’ showing that not only do her audience consume her videos, but they contribute to them as well. This showcases the need for an audience and how the user can add to the conversation, because that’s what videos and blogs are.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 03.07.50

As well as “Comment Tuesdays” being a fun and thrilling experience for the audience, it is also a great asset to Daily Grace and My Damn Channel as the shirt you see in the picture was put up for sale on her online shop, meaning that the audience driven videos can also bring in revenue.



  1. Are you sure that people who’d been ‘hazed’ weren’t offended? I’ve never watched that channel but plenty of youtubers read out hate comments or something of that kind and they sometimes sound quite offensive, while others might be even rude. It’s entertaining for the majority of subscribers for some reason but you never know how the person behind the screen is going to react. There should be a line and such segments on YouTube channels have the potential to cross that line. I personally don’t enjoy such moments. When youtubers come across a sarcastic or a funny comment, they usually pull it off but when they see a hater or someone who seeks attention, they start to behave in a mean way towards those people and it’s just stupid, and not funny at all, in my opinion.
    If you wrote a post about this channel, it means you like it, right? Would you like to be ‘hazed’? Just wondering.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. “Comment Tuesdays” and the concept of ‘hazing’ isn’t an offhanded or emotion-lead situation. The audience purposefully comment on her videos and tag her in social media posts to get ‘hazed’, to her regular viewers her dry humour is part of her charm any comments or posts she shows are there because the viewer wanted to have that certain interaction with her. The fact that she sold a shirt saying ‘You’ve been hazed’ on it and it was one of her most popular store items shows that it an accepted and appreciated part of her channel.
      Anyone who subscribes or follows Grace would understand and like the humour she uses and so although not every viewer would ‘get it’ or like being hazed, she ones she hazes and her fans and the ones who see being hazed as an honour.


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