Jimmy Kimmel show live



Speaking of the ‘audience participation’, The Jimmy Kimmel Live is the first thing that comes up with my mind. I am sure that most of you guys watched the talk show online before. On January 16th, 2009, the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel was launched. In the first five years, the channel gathered more than 3.43 million subscribers and 789,000 video views. Jimmy Kimmel Live has few highlights that relate with audience participation. The first one is called “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy”, people will send the video about parents fooling their children into thinking they ate all their Halloween candy which filmed by themselves, they will chose some of them. This is the most expect thing after Halloween for my personal, and every time the video is hilarious and they are very popular on the social media or internet, because these videos are from audience, people always can see themselves on the show, and if without audience participation, I don’t think the show can be that good. With the effect of audiences, the video accumulated over 45 million views and 66,000 comments in 2 years.



What’s more, the show also has “Mean Tweets” which introduced a segment with various celebrities reading the insulting tweets directed at them from twitter, it’s not the audience of the show directly, but the twitter comments also from some audience. This segment is extremely popular, with 38 million views on Youtube since April 2015.


I think the audience participation is a significant role in these two segments of the show at least, because it’s all based on audience’s reactions, this show is not only use the audience participation to build the segments, but also they still encourage more audience to participate their show.



  1. I think this is a great example of audience participation, in fact segments such as “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy” would not exist without an audience. What I first thought about was how the audience watching these clips feel and how it effects them as consumers but more interestingly, I wonder how and why the audience members sent the clips in to Jimmy Kimmel to be used in this segment. Did the idea originate on Jimmy Kimmel and if so how did he and the producers go about getting members of the audience to take part in it? It helps that the subject matter is humorous and would be fun on a personal level but I also think that loyal followers of Jimmy Kimmel would be happy to help and proud to be part of the show. It is definitely inviting and you can see how easy it would be to encourage the audience to participate in something such as this.

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  2. This is also a good example of media convergence. Television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Ellen Show, The Wendy Williams Show and many others have realised that there is a bigger audience online simply because someone from England would be able to watch their show on TV but would love to watch the most relevant moments and funny clips online.
    Once the TV show creates an ”online voice”, whether on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the audience becomes an important factor in creating content and producing the show.
    Focusing more on Jimmy Kimmel Live, segments such as ”I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy” exists solely because of the audience, however when it comes to ”Mean Tweets” I will have to disagree with you because the audience isn’t asked to tweet mean comment about celebrities, they are already there and a brilliant mind just said ”Oh, people say a lot of bad things about celebrities, online. Let’s have them read them on camera!”. I can understand why that segment is based on audience participation but my argument is that the show simply used public opinions, available for anyone to see, in a innovative way, rather than generating it by asking their audience to comment for the purpose of the segment.

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