DanTDM a recent Channel that I have become so used to watching every weekend with my 9 year old brother is a reputable way of the audience to get involved. DanTDM is a you-tube channel based on tutorials requested by the audience which is recorded and commentated on by Dan who explains to his audience how they should play a particular game. Clocking up to More than a million views a day and up to twice the comments DanTMD as got ideas coming in 24/4 so he is always working on his next videos if you call playing games “work”. The most interesting bit of this is that he is getting paid million each day based on his views, which as allowed him to be able to move to other platforms such as having online shops that sells his name on clothes such as T-shirts. The audience has given way to help with this type of you-tube media as a lot of people are now getting more involved with gaming tutorials. The comments at the channels are sometimes very vague but some of them can be very useful Dans channels get people especially Min-craft lovers.

Damn daneil back at it again with the vans


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