Lookbook.nu and Youth Culture

Lookbook.nu is a website that I have used 2 years ago to share and exmplore fashion. Lookbook.nu is a website community for fashion and youth culture, which allows individuals to post their fashion outfits on daily bases and recieve comments or reviews as well as “hypes” (likes) and “+fans” (followers). Users are able to share their ideas and styles through the use of colour pallete, personal photographs and a short description of the look and clothes’ brands that they are wearing. This website has been created by Yuri Lee in San Francisco in 2008. “Their goal is to provide a means for diverse, real people to provide fashion inspiration to others”. I believe that this is a great example of an online content which has been significantly shaped by the audience and users. This is because the website is community based, which allows all of the users to participate and discover fashion trends or inspirations. If there was no user participation on this website, there would been no shared content, therefore there would have been nothing to stream or read. Even though, this website also has other features such as “Explore” for users to explore brands, contests etc. I strongly believe that Lookbook.nu has been created by its audince’s particicpation, this participation is significant, because it delivers the content to other users which makes the website highly visitied and valuable for youth culture.

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  1. This is a prime example of what audience participation is, It is such a great website I can see what you mean by the audience creating it. the website could stand on it own with the audience doing much however the audience will use it more because they can feel like they have a say in what they like and and it influences the company to do as the audience says. Audience participation is how companies are grown into larger ones, if more online shopping companies had this it would become a nice trend and more people would enjoy shopping online.

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  2. This is a very good example of a tool created entirely on the basis of audience participation, where the audience becomes the editor. However, I do remember having the app and un-installing it because the fashion looks posted up and especially the ones in the ‘most popular’ segment were very homogeneous. I wondered whether that was up to the users tastes or whether the website was better able to monetise an interest in a particular style of clothing.

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