Thank You Yahoo! Answers

I know I’m not the only person who’s typed in a question into Google and eventually found themselves on Yahoo!Answers.

Yahoo! Answers was launched by Yahoo! in 2005 as a community-driven question-and-answer site. It has wide range of question categories, including art, business, food, family, politics and sports. As long as questions follow the Yahoo! community guidelines, you’re pretty much free to ask away. That is, after signing up for a free Yahoo! account. Each question asked has the potential to start a conversation. It’s quite common to see back-and-forth interaction between the person who posted the question and those who answered it, or even between two people who answered the same question. Ultimately it can create something similar to what we do with here with these blog post and comments.

However, because the site is community-driven, it’s not the most reliable source to get factual answers. Despite all the inaccuracies you may come across, Yahoo! Answers remains quite popular. I believe that it’s popularity and existence is based solely on users who continue to ask and answer questions.

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  1. This is an interesting one. I spent a while thinking of different examples I could focus on for my own blog and Yahoo! Answers never crossed my mind but after reading your post, it is definitely a good example.
    Yahoo! have clearly spotted the power of audience participation and the need and use of online discussion between users and facilitated a platform where this can be done easily.
    In your summary you noted how this site isn’t the most practical or reliable and I agree strongly, some users may get carried away and expect anyone who answers to know exactly what they’re talking about. In my opinion, it is best to ignore any advice that could easy be false or misleading and so when searching for factual information rather than opinions, this site because invalid.
    But as you said, this site would not exist without the continuing use of the audience.


  2. The first time I logged on to a computer and ask google a question yahoo came up. At first it seemed like a very respectable site well, at the time when the comments were just from people who really could answer they questions you asked.
    Now at any given time that yahoo comes up I get so annoyed, but then as you pointed out it is a community and its a way that people connect and start discussion even though the majority of the time they might just end up with a few people just arguing and comment unnecessary comments. It is very unreliable however you do learn a lot by just reading through the comments whether you choose to believe it or not you do have the choice to do you actual research on the subject. Moreso these types platforms allows the community at large to discuss issues such as politics and just simply everyday issues that we might all go through at one point.
    Do you think that yahoo is going to be around in a few years time or as popular as it is ? from where i stand i can see that the discussion are getting more and more less interesting.


  3. It happens all the times that when you search something on Google one of the first results happens to be Yahoo! Answers. Of course it is not certified in fact you should not use it for things like medical advices, but it is very useful when you’re looking for I don’t know the 100 best action movies of all the time! You can read all the discussions about that topic and express you own ideas. I find it interesting and I use it quite often. Unfortunately some people use it to ask super dumb questions and to answer the same way (here are some examples )


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