“I got the power” Actually …WE got the power!

It may seem weird, but the first thought on my mind was Rihanna. Being a fan, I remember when her ‘’active’’ fans asked for California King Bed to became a single and consequently have a music video. Afterwards, I thought that wasn’t good enough to write in an ‘’academic’’ piece however I couldn’t stop thinking about how fans have been shaping the way content is produced in entertainment media. A great example of this is the #1 most viewed YouTube video, or the most subscribed youtuber. Then I remembered that in one of our lectures it was mentioned that Netflix used audience members as metadata and figured out that purchasing the TV show House of Cards and having Kevin Spacey would be a success.

I kept thinking whether these are appropriate examples because the audience is, indeed, responsible for the approach taken regarding the production (or fate if you will) of the content, however in the first example fans had an active voice and asked for what they wanted contrary to the second where the audience’s preferences were know without their conscience approval.

I realised that in both scenarios the audience held the power and was the reason why California King Bed became a single and Kevin Spacey stars on House of Cards. If the respectively audience didn’t want these events to happen they wouldn’t. That’s not difficult to predict. I just wish big companies wouldn’t use data without forcing consumers to agree to the use of ‘’cookies’’ in order to stalk their interests later.

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