Reddit was created on the 23rd of June, 2005. It is a user generated website, but in its headquarters in San Francisco it has only 71 employers. It is a social network network service which allows registered members (its free to join) to post relevant content in relevant ‘subreddits’. There are plenty of subreddit topics; you can find anything from ‘AskReddit’, ‘gaming’, ‘democrats’ to ‘books’ and ‘running’. On this site and app, you can be as specific or as general as you like. What is good for the audience is that whatever you need to find, you will find.

The significance of audience participation and usage on this site not only means that it grows as a network but, the audience in some way also shape the creation of it too. One specific way in which audiences help participate with Reddit is its creation of “reddit gold”. It costs $3.99 and you award it to a person who’s comment you really like. With this, the gold lasts a month and gives additional features to you. More importantly, when people give reddit gold, it is a way in which people support Reddit and fund their site.
As a Quora article states, the community benefits by having new and additional features added to their reddit page. The company benefits from regular users generous donations by having a source of revenue.

In conclusion, Reddit’s content has been significantly shaped by its users and audience. Whatever is posted and created, others respond. Audience participation means that Reddit’s source of income, revenue and regular users go around in a circle. Everyone gets something out of it.


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