9GAG is an example of a website completely shaped by its audience. 9GAG is a social media website where users upload content found on other websites or user-generated content. The content is referred to as memes, the users are called 9gaggers and they can up-vote or down-vote and comment on a post. 9gaggers love cats, Star Wars, food, Emma Watson and Leonardo DiCaprio, so if you want to become 9gag famous just post something related to at least one of them.  The website is divided in sections but I for example only browse ”hot” and ”trending” where you find the most popular and diverse ones.  Some of the other sections are ”funny”, ”geeky”, ”cosplay” and so on.

The website is constantly updated by users and the newest posts appear in the ”Fresh” section waiting to be up-voted or down-voted by other users. If users didn’t post, vote or comment, 9GAG wouldn’t exist but I don’t see that happening anytime soon since the website is very popular, with 164 million visitors in December 2015.The founders, Ray Chan and others have also developed a mobile app and a game called ”9GAG Redhead Redemption” and I use the app because it is very convenient.

Out of all the social media sites, 9GAG is my favourite because it is very entertaining and it is also a source of news. The majority of the posts are funny but you also find posts about what is going on in the world, cultures, gadgets, movies and much more. The slogan is ”Go fun yourself” and if you want to have a good laugh, 9GAG is the right place.



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  1. I feel like 9gag was such a revolutionary platform to exhibit the sheer amount of creativity and humour the world harbours. Without being too raunchy or offensive, many of the site’s contents bring in laughs of mutual emotions, sarcasm and empathy. The contents reach out to any and all group of people around the world with the help of few popular memes and cultural references, connecting people in perhaps the best way possible online. Although many have been victims of unintentional memes or crude trolling, the site generally maintains a cheeky tone that any generation can enjoy. It shapes the internet culture and the way we interact with each other. I heard there are onlu a handful of emplouees at the 9gag headquarter in Hong Kong! Amazing what kind of things the world can do if given the chance to 🙂


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