Fine Brothers Entertainment

The Fine Bros are a YouTube channel  started in 2007 that has developed tremendously throughout the last few years,having over 13 million subscribers and 3.8 billion views and Fine Brothers Entertainment Company, a full service production company of digital series, television shows, and feature films.

Started as a parody account of short films in which the brothers acted in, it soon evolved into what will later on become their mark in YouTube history, reaction videos. Their first big hit series was ‘Kids react to’ which was extremely engaging to the audience, hence they were the ones to choose what the kids next reaction should be on. This created a tight relationship between the producers and the public.

Nowadays, besides ‘Kids react to’, they added ‘Youtubers react to’, ‘Adult react to’, ‘Teens react to’ and ‘Elders react to’. With this diversity they can reach massive audiences, no matter what age, which is an impressive act, as no other YouTube channels have accomplished this.

l personally used to enjoy watching their videos, but after the controversy, the Fine Bros with their attempt of trademarking the word ‘react’, which is pointless in my opinion, I have started to watch them less. But from time to time, I do go back to my favorites.

Here is the most viewed upload of theirs:



  1. This is a good example of audience participation because of the amount of views and subscribers. Likewise the amount of comments and ‘thumbs ups’ show how engaged an audience can be on YouTube. Sometimes YouTubers bring in their audience by telling to comment questions they want answered, or what type of video they’d like to see next. Depending on the profile of the YouTuber, response rates can vary, but generally promotes participation. The downsides of this, though, I would say are that it can encourage inappropriate behaviour among users in terms of language and sometimes it just reflects the ‘greed’ of some YouTubers, who just want a ton of comments and thumbs ups so that they get paid more from Google. I’m sure you’ve heard of Pointless Blog, run by Alfie Deyes. In his vlog channel he sometimes tells people to comment the most ridiculous things, like if they think it’s OK for him to eat a yoghurt that is 2 days out of date. I thought this was silly because he could easily work this out by himself without such comments. But overall I agree that YouTube is a credible example of audience involvement.

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  2. In fact The Fine Bros are based on audience participation, the audience suggests the topics they want the kids, teens, adults or elders to react to.
    Actually, the audience is the reason why youtubers have become so prominent in today’s society. Any youtuber with a large amount of subscribers will ask their audience’s opinion and base their content on it.
    The online world (if I can call it that) is largely shaped by the audience, because the point is for people to find whatever information they’re looking for without censorship or restrictions. Different websites have different audiences and not everyone enjoys the same content but that’s is a reflection of real life online. People have different interests.


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