Fox killed Firefly. Convergence brought it back.

I am basing my blogpost on the infamous television show, Firefly (2002), which began its seemingly short life on Fox, where the broadcasting television network did a horrendous job of creating a watchable environment for the television series, airing the episodes in the wrong order so the audience would find it near impossible to enjoy or understand the show. Due to the low views Fox had cancelled Firefly before they had even finished filming the first series and so it died, or did it?


No it didn’t. The reason it didn’t die is because over the next few years Firefly gained a massive fanbase, full of passionate and understandably outraged audience members called the Browncoats. They worked with the creators and actors of Firefly, and together they made the film Serenity (2005), a follow on of the series.


From both the television show and the movie came games, comic books, merchandise, forums, meetups and so many more channels of interest across the differing media forms.

Convergence saved Firefly, the Browncoats (including the creators) were given more of what they loved and felt a stronger connection to this fictional universe from the rebirth of the story.

The Done the Impossible documentary (2006) captures this journey and is a wonderful, heart warming example of media convergence from the audiences point of view.


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  1. Based on what you have stated about the tv show I completely agree with what you have. More so It adds a lot more understanding of what convergence is how we slowly adapted to the new and old media. However you said that “convergence changed firefly” this might be a bit contradictory but do you think that was the aim or maybe it just so happened that convergence “accidentally” just bumped up at the right time? whether this was the case or not I do think convergence plays a major role in situations such as this it is a way of audience all around the world to learn and share information and as time goes on it gets much easier with new media and fast pace of technology growth.


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