The convenience of convergence

Before writing this post, I have spent some time researching and fully understanding this topic. So what is convergence in the field of media?  It is basically the interlinking of various media platforms which creates a more beneficial outcome for both- media platforms and the  audience. In fact, we, as the users of the media meet with convergence in this field rather often. For instance, newspapers that we read on a daily basis no longer have just the printed version- we can also access it easily through the internet, thus it makes it very convenient for people with busy lifestyles who often simply don’t have time to buy a regular printed newspaper, or for students that need to find information about a certain article quickly. Another example of convergence in media  would additionally be the television programme schedule. It is not only printed in many newspapers but is also available for online access. I believe that media convergence is a very useful thing that makes our lives somewhat easier and even more enjoyable you could say. While doing my research on this subject, I found the article that was suggested to us for further reading very thorough, with lots of examples and views upon this topic. Here is the name of it  once again for your convenience. You can additionally access it via google scholar.

Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. New York: New York University Press.

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  1. I agree that many examples of media convergence come from the idea of making life easier for the user, although it also comes from the attempt at increasing profits: if a film did well, let’s recreate it on different platforms to make even more money.
    Convergence is an important part of the media because it facilitates everyone.


  2. I agree with you that media convergence makes our lives a lot easier especially when we are busy. As a journalism student myself who has to keep up to date with news constantly, being able to access the breaking headlines online at full speed is very convenient. It also means I don’t need to buy a costly newspaper because students are always living on tight budgets. However, your post doesn’t detail what you think are the disadvantages of this type of media convergence. For example, the rise in an online audience causes a serious decline in the traditional news stream – what does this mean for these businesses? For around a decade, The Independent has been on the verge of closing down, and this would cause an increase in unemployment numbers. If you want to find out more about the disadvantages that media convergence can cause for traditional media platforms, then here is an article which you may find useful.


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