Snapchat Discover

With the concept of the digitization of media content being an example of convergence, I feel that Snapchat Discover falls into the category as an appropriate example. Snapchat Discover brings together media from all kinds of sources including People magazine, Buzzfeed, Vice, Comedy Central, MTV, National Geographic, and Food Network. These range from media that originated as magazines, websites and television shows. Now, they have been collided into one location as a platform to “discover” all kinds of information. This ranges from entertainment, to education, to news. Each page utilizes graphics, video clips and readable articles to engage the user. Not only that, but there is an added interaction element to this media in that users are not passively viewing these discover pages, but also have the ability to hold down, edit, snap and send to fellow users. This creates an element of convergence where users are able to socially interact, but also advertise for these companies. Often times, the brands that have a main role as a television network will show clips of some of their shows on Snapchat, discreetly function as a form of advertisement, rather than having people passively watch a commercial on television. As a whole, Snapchat has effectively converged media from magazines, news and television to provide easy access to users, and advertisement to media businesses.



  1. Personally I find the ‘Discover’ section on Snapchat really useful! It’s great for catching news that you would not normally see in newspapers and it is directed at young people.

    Being a Journalism student it’s really interesting to see how companies have incorporated Snapchat in their business model and the way in which they have expanded their following. As a journalism student we are constantly being taught how to use social media as a tool for spreading news quickly and in a different way. Snapchat does this perfectly!

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  2. I really like the fact that you have used social media as an example for convergence. But what type of convergence would you describe it as, perhaps technology convergence. Snapchat is one of my favourite social networks. Just like many other users, I didn’t really understand the point of it at it’s early stage, however I believe that Snapchat team did a great job and put this app to the whole new level of communicating and interacting. It interacts with users and also supplies them with good range of different information sources. Do you believe that Snapchat is taking over Instagram, or Instagram remains a more popular app?


  3. I don’t have a snapchat but I’ve learned a bit about from most of my friends who use the app. This Discover feature is something fairly new, that I’ve heard not many users are that excited about since it’s pretty clearly an advertising and PR scheme. However, what I do find interesting about snapchat in general is the way users have converged it themselves, using the product they get out of it, snaps, and posting them to Instagram, tumblr, etc. It’s hard to say which platform is more successful because users often belong to both online communities and the media often intersect.


  4. I think that the discover section of Snapchat is cool and beneficial, but my favorite part of Snapchat is the “Live” section. I think it’s so cool that people from all over the world can take pictures and videos of their everyday lives and activities from major cities around the world and users are then able to view the story from a community perspective. This feature has allowed me to see events from all around the world by people simply taking videos and pictures and uploading them. I’ve seen live videos of the Festival of Holi in Indian, New Year’s celebrations from all around the world, and Spain’s “La Tomatina” (tomato fight), which I didn’t even know existed until it popped up on my Snapchat timeline.


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