Smart phones

A very good example of convergence is our smart phones. We are currently in an era where we can do what ever we need to do just using our smart phones. In the late nineties a lot of us had to go to the library to read up on information or  go to internet cafes to use the internet. The way how new media has taking over has allowed us to have phones which from the start as moved on from what they were first intended to be used. We have moved on from having the Nokia( brick) phone which was made to just call and send messages to phones where we could play arcade games and listen to the radio. Now in the 20th century we have affordable smarts phones where we can use Facebook Messenger which in my opinion is a complete inconvenience on my phone, as Watsapp just makes everything much easier as now you can call and send messages using mobile data on your phones. We can use the world wide web on  or smart  phones coming from a time where we could only do this on or computers. Using the world wide web allows us to be conversed on different platforms, so as much as your latest Mac or dell laptops do, you smart phone could do as much and even faster in some instances.

It has made us inseparable with our phones. “Talking about not being able to live without for five mins”.2011-05-27-basic_needs.jpg


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  1. I think with technology changing and our phones becoming bigger and better, convergence is so much more easier. As you say indeed, we have “moved” from having such simple features on our phones to such great and useful means. I find that using technology is so much more easier now too thanks to convergence as everyone uses it. Now, the elderly and the young use it. It is not something just for business men or the rich. You have choice and that choice actually promotes in some way convergence as no matter how basic your skills are- you can communicate and find anything you want.

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