Old Vs New? No. Old Meets New

Media convergence isn’t just the act of combining previous mass media outlets with newer ones to be up-to-date, but rather the economic strategy behind doing so.

When I thought solely on the economic aspect of media convergence the first thing that popped into my head were all the major franchises that trace back to novels or comic books. For example, the respective creators of Transformers, Harry Potter,  Batman, Superman and The Dark Knight Rises have all been able to capitalize in major ways through media convergence. Their ideas that started out as comic books like Batman, Transformers, and The Dark Knight Rises or books like Harry Potter have been built up to become billion dollar brands. Each one of those titles has gone from print to movie theatre screens, action figures, websites, Halloween costumes, theme park rides and everything in between.

Knowing how to wipe off the dust from an old idea and capitalize on it through newer mediums is just as important as creating ideas from scratch. I believe that upon recruiting new employees, many companies are as equally interested to see what new ideas and strategies a person can bring with them, as well as how a person can take what the company already has an make it bigger and better.

Is there anything that you believe could grow through media convergence but hasn’t? Why do you think that is?


Superman The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in Trenton, New JerseySuperman-The-Ride-Key-Art-1

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Halloween costumes from PartyCity.Com

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.23.50 PM.png

Transformers Optimus Prime action figure







  1. oh! this is a really good way to look at media convergence. I had never thought to think of it in this way. Good thinking! I agree with you, the likes of the Hunger Games for example. There was a lot of hype, buzz and promotion around these films. I think however, that the buzz was created by the film rather than the book (still convergence though as it made people read the book). There was so much publicity and promotion going on it created so much convergence. A lot like the Twilight saga too.


  2. This is an interesting post, I never thought about how the media could converge into halloween costumes and theme park rides etc. Your post emphasises how fast the media can develop, and that media convergence is really based on how endlessly demanding we are. One minute children are happy with their new superman toy and the next they are craving more, to go on the character-based rollercoaster. I remember when the Twilight Saga first came out, it converged into stationery like notebooks, stickers and posters but never went any further like the Harry Potter series. I think this goes to show again how hard we are to please, but also how much creativity media convergence can bring out in people. Places like Warner Brothers Studio tour show the amazing creativity of human beings in terms of advertising, architecture, retail and much more.


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