Middle Earth.


One of the most famous movie series is of course, the good old, The Hobbit, with its sequel Lord of the Rings, which is in my opinion, a great example of media convergence.  Both based on two of the best sellers books of all time, J.R.R Tolkien, published these masterpieces between 1937 and 1955.

But this saga is not just books and movie, it transcended into web sites, mugs, games, loads of rings, armours, cups and everything you could ever dream of on both official merchandise sites Hobbit and Tolkien, and soon to be revealed theme parkThe Battle for Middle Earth, the game developed for the franchise, does an excellent job of this. The player can explore the conventional story line, but there are also new things to explore, little things mentioned only in passing in the original novel.

Thanks to Tolkien and the adaptation of Peter Jackson, who made an remarkably accurate representation and transition from paper and imagination to real life.

These stories have circled around the world and sparked creativity in thousands of children, me included. But I do believe the adventure that it holds to be timeless. And as the #1 rule of the fandom goes : ‘ A fan is never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.’





Do you agree that high-grossed series are perfect examples of media convergence? Are you a tolkinier?



  1. Well, I like The Hobbit very much since i read the book when i was younger, and I definitely love the movie, as a fan of this series movie, i don’t mind if they make more products about the movie, and i think it is a good example, it not just a book, it’s a story, a movie, a game, and there have lots of products about this movie like the rings or some characters’ toy.

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  2. I like the whole series as well and i agree that high-grossed series are examples of convergence.
    I really like it when a great book becomes a movie or a game or even both because the audience can keep the story alive for longer it that makes sense. But creating merchandise around the movie/book can be taken to extremes sometimes. For example, take the Star Wars oranges. What? I was really surprised to find out that they’ve taken it to such an extreme. Star Wars is already very popular and there is no need for such a desperate measure.


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