I’ve got a Minicomputer … OH! Everyone does ….


I struggled with this one. ‘‘Give an example of convergence’’ … most things are examples of convergence now: Netflix, Appel products and our laptops. All of these services and tools have a common denominator: the Internet. From work to entertainment, news to education; most things can be found online (and I don’t think laptops would be so essential if they weren’t connected to the internet).

I decided, however, to focus on what I consider the epitome of convergence: smartphones! I don’t think we realise how incredibly advanced technology is in 2016.

Smartphones have become (almost) essential. It’s not imperative to have one but if you do it makes life easier. You can communicate with people from anywhere, arrange meetings, watch television, listen to the radio and the list goes on. This is the result of traditional media’s adapting to the fact that we carry minicomputers around. Mobile applications are the link between us and traditional media outlets. Creating an app enables users to access television, radio, newspapers and other forms of media as well as services designed for smartphones (Shazam and WhatsApp) and social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

Traditional media is still adapting to technology such as smartphones by creating services that allow the public to consume content in an easier way.




  1. Although there are many advantages to having a smartphone one big disadvantage is that we communicate less with the people around us and we pay more attention to our smartphones.For example,if a conversation reaches a dull point we turn to our phones to stop feeling awkward instead of changing the topic.
    A few years ago, I was with my friends on a ski trip. We stayed at a friend’s place and there was no wifi. We were all bummed thinking we will be really bored but it was actually great. We talked, we played games and we had a lot more fun than on other occasions when we had our phones.
    Smartphones are great and i am thankful for this invention but i feel like i am missing out on many things by using it so often.


  2. I agree that smartphones are perhaps the most tangible and obvious form of media convergence – and I, myself, go through most of the day without realizing just how much technology has evolved even in the last decade. Ten years ago, the display on my phone wasn’t even in colour and now I can virtually do anything if I just have this smartphone with me anywhere and anytime. I understand the concern over its dominance over our daily lives and relationships but I am almost certain that relationships that can’t maintain its bond due to smartphones aren’t bound to last without it. If anything, wifi and LTE are tools for us to stay connected at all time, and the only reason why humanity seems to be becoming more superficial is that we try to juggle with so many people that we are able to connect with. You will never reach a deep level of connection with a “follower” when you have 3000 others – or a Facebook friend if you are trying to form a friendship with 1000 people. Smartphones are for us to use as tools interwoven into our natural human behaviour – it doesn’t carry us away from our instincts nor our feelings toward certain people.

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