Employment and Technology Convergence

An example of convergence that I would like to describe is technology convergence. In modern days the rapid growth of technology is not only affecting individuals but it also affects the industries and organisations in various ways. The life with modern technology became easier and the information became more accessible, however it did leave a large side effect on the employability.

As it has been stated by the slideshare.net “technological convergence is when new technologies are created that take over from past technologies and perform the same task but in a more advanced manner”. The effect of technology convergence can be seen in media employment. It affects the recruitment requirements as organisations search for those who can offer flexible skills and an ability to perform multiple functions.

On one hand this example of technological convergence is beneficial since it make the company more efficient and productive, however on the other hand it creates a negative impact on those who has professional but traditional skills which are now becoming more and more outdated and not useful.

Does that mean that jobs such as specialist camera operators, editors, producers, or even writers will soon decay, due to the rapid growth of technology?

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  1. Over the summer I read this article (http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150805-will-machines-eventually-take-on-every-job), which goes into depth about how almost any job could eventually be done by machines. It made me think back to when I was interested in becoming an accountant. I realized that as difficult as accounting might be for humans, it’s relatively easy to be performed by computers, as it just deals with numbers and formulas, all of which could be programmed into a machine/computer.

    I think that jobs that require creativity are the safest, as that’s one thing that can’t be taught to a machine….right?

    Here’s another article that I found pretty interesting. This one is about jobs that are relatively safe from being snatched by machines/robots. At least for now. http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2012/06/07/10-Jobs-that-Wont-Be-Taken-By-Robots-Yet

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