English-speaking S.Korea

For this week’s blog I chose a YouTube channel called “BapMokja and Haeppy”. It was created by an English and a Canadian guys who live in South Korea. They started to upload themselves reacting to kpop music videos, called this “smashed reactions” and that’s how the channel started to gain audience. People liked it but as the amount of subscribers was rising, B.&H. started to get asked if they could make videos about Korea in general. This is how the “twoplustwo” show was created – for people who wanted to know more about Korean food and culture, which I prefer more, personally, because it’s both entertaining and educating. At some point the “smashed reactions” segment was divided into “kpop reaction drinking game” and “drunk kpop review”. For the “drinking game” a set of rules has been created; for example, if there’s a shot of a girl winking, B.&H. have to take a shot of a traditional Korean alcoholic drink, while “kpop review” is all about their overall opinion on a song and on the concept of the video they just got drunk to.

The audience’s requests didn’t change the channel completely but they helped the content creators to have a better idea of what they should do to appeal more. The audience shaped the channel in a sense and made it what it is now but I’m pretty sure that B.&H. themselves wanted to make those changes and their subscribers kind of allowed to do so.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 18.22.58.png

You should definitely check out their channel:


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