VICE: Then & Now

Arguably one of the most popular (and controversial) online news sources is You can read about global news, crime, drugs, music, art and nearly everything in between, as weird as you can imagine, at the click of a button – you can retweet them, like their photo on Instagram, share their latest article on Facebook, reblog their posts on Tumblr, watch their most recent documentary on YouTube, and all because VICE has asserted its presence on nearly every media platform available in the year 2016 in efforts to spread their journalistic content across a larger network.

But this isn’t the vision upon which VICE was originally founded. In 1994, CEO and founder of VICE media, Shane Smith, launched VICE as a print publication focused on arts, culture, and news. Smith then quickly adapted his business model, in response to changing times, and added a website to accompany the magazine. Now, nearly 20 years later, VICE media is comprised of multiple divisions that transcend just the magazine and website and include a film production company, a record label, a publishing office, and an in house creative services agency all of which have a social media presence as well.

Today, the success and popularity of far supersedes that of their print publication and they have clearly recognized this shift from print to digital journalism, especially for their demographic which is 18-34 year olds, and continue to adapt and converge their media. Although they still put out a seasonal print magazine, they also notably provide access to the publication via technologies like tablets and iPhones and even go as far as to house an online archive, a great resource and result of convergence in my opinion as we get a bit of the past and the future in one place, for readers of the magazine which can be found here:

Some may see this as merely a savvy business move, to converge, – one that detracts from authentic storytelling and journalism but that is something that is definitely up for debate.



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