The digitisation of The Independent

An example of  convergence is The Independent.The Independent is a national morning newspaper that was launched in 1986 and it was found in both print and online version. The website of the national newspaper is the UK’s fastest growing quality newspaper site and the revenue is expected to grow by 50%.

Recently, The Independent have announced they will become an online-only publication and the last paper edition will be published in March 2016. The Independent is the perfect example of convergence seeing as the old media (the newspaper), can be accessed online (the website). In addition to this , The Independent can  be found on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The complete digitisation of The Independent has created implications for  content providers. Content providers will no longer have to worry about manufacturing components since everything is online, but a need for competitive strategies will develop. Since the newspaper will be available only online, other newspapers will have advantage when it comes to the audience . A part of the audience of The Independent reads only the printed version and since the newspaper is going to become an online-only publication, this can lead to a loss of readers. Some people will move on to reading other printed newspapers instead of reading the online version because of possibilities and preferences.  Thus, The Independent should create a strategy to attract the usual readers of the printed version to the online version.

I personally don’t like the idea of online-only newspapers and books because there is something special in reading a printed newspaper or book. What do you guys think?

The article of the announcement can be found here. The title refers to a digital-only future. I found it quite scary.Does the idea of a digital-only future sound good to you?




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  1. I am very glad that you have mentioned the recent announcement of The Independent newspaper becoming an online-only publication newspaper. I was personally surprised by these news and had read an article by Andrew Marr about it. He wrote that “Digital is much cheaper than analogue, or Gutenberg technology” and I believe the this is one of the main reason to why the newspaper made the decision to only publish online.

    To add on, I also support the fact that there is something special about reading a physical, printed edition of a book or a newspaper, however reading books and newspapers online could sometimes be more convenient, because they take up less space and are more accessible.

    I have provided the link to Andrew Marr’s article below, just incase you would like to do a further reading regarding this topic.


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