Media Multitasking

A classic example of convergence in the media would be that it is now, and for a long time has, been possible to perform a numerous amount of tasks that require the media all at once.  At this moment while I write this blog post, I am able to enjoy a range of instrumental music that I find improves my focus levels and helps my study.

What do we do moments after we open our eyes at the start of a new day?  Undoubtedly, most of us reach for our phones to urgently check our refreshed Instagram feeds and any WhatsApp messages we may have missed from waking up late. Whilst tapping and swiping at the touch screen, we are probably able to talk to a loved one if we have them on loudspeaker. Similarly, whilst driving, we are able to effortlessly talk on a hands-free set or enjoy the radio whilst using Google Maps to lead us to our destination.

On several of our slick, shiny TVs, we are able to browse YouTube videos to enjoy on a bigger screen.  Alternatively, many now use their tablets, connected to the TV, to browse all sorts of media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Thus, tablets begin to lose their primary function and become more of a remote control for the 50 inch television.

This type of media convergence has definitely made completing tasks that we feel are necessary quicker, and everyday life easier.  But in total honesty, I see media convergence as a great shame in human history.  What happened to having a truly dedicated conversation with another person without texting another?  What about watching a family film without watching a vine on Facebook?  Media convergence has caused us to lose our appreciated that we once had for all types of media.  We cannot help but now take it all for granted.  We furthermore become helplessly addicted to the media, in all social, political and economical forms.  It greatly reduces face-to-face communication which can make a relationship superficial and awkward when the members meet in person.  Lastly, it promotes cyber-crime that is especially dangerous for the youth of today.





  1. It is clear that media convergence is at an all time high right now, but always continuing to expand. What you mentioned about TVs and tablets I think is a very good example of convergence. It is amazing how technology has advanced to the point where “smart” tv’s exist that allow access to the internet including streaming music apps, youtube, netflix, video games and much more. Not only that, but all of the media we use daily can be accessed on a smart phone. You can be watching Netflix or streaming news through an app on your phone and then receive a pop up that you received a text, easily pull that notification down, reply to the message while your show is automatically paused and ready for you once you send the message. It is amazing that our technology has adapted to function as a multitasking device just as we have transformed ourselves to act.


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