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According to the statistics of DMR,  it’s already  have been 75 million  daily users in Instagram since January, 2016. People like to using Instagram because you can upload and show your pictures to those users or someone who you want to share, meanwhile the owners also can comments pictures of other users’ account. As people’s post demonstrates, social media are not just very helpful to someone who wants to building relationships with other users through platform, but also want to have a relationship with their site too. So that’s why it can explain some people really love to construct their own pages on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they want to and care about what the site does to their experience to online sociality.


For personally, I like to use Instagram most, because not only I can catch up my friends’ life but also some celebrities or some official account, so I can know lots of things about them. What’s more, I even can comment other people’s picture, so we can have a conversation or some connection. And if you want to have more followers or find something you are interested, you can use the hashtags, so you can let more people to see your pictures and you can see more pictures.


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  1. As the majority of us here, I also use Instagram but I post photos quite rarely because I don’t have many things to take photos of, and I’m rather shy to take selfies every day. It feels kind of sad when I realise that physical cameras are becoming the thing of the past. I do know a few people who are interested in photography therefore they carry a camera with them but if it’s not around, they always use their phones to capture a moment. There’s nothing bad about it, the quality of phone cameras is getting better and sometimes it’s astonishing but is it really a good thing? Being able to take a photo at any second? When people take photos of literally everything and post them right away to share with their friends, it’s kind of annoying + it feels like the person doesn’t have anything to hide. Moreover, the majority of photos we see are posted just to show off – at least it looks this way to me. Instagram is the tool to boast of what you have and/or make others feel envious but in reality very few people actually have such amazing lives as they want it to seem on Instagram, unless you’re a rich celebrity. Do you agree?

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