BBC3 converged

“Media convergence is the merging of mass communication outlets”. Convergence within the media allows us to tell stories and provide information and entertainment using a plethora of media outlets.

Take the example of BBC3. The BBC is deciding to axe it and make it a platform accessible only online. It is an example of online and broadcast being merged together. The BBC have allowed their viewers to access any programme they have missed or wish to watch again online. As the target audience for BBC3 is 16- 34 year olds, the BBC feel that this demographic now knows how to access online more and find it easier to do so.
It is said that by making BBC3 online, it is a new way found to engage and entertain young audiences, reinventing the public service. This is a great implication for audiences as it means that now, viewers no longer have to be scheduled to watch a show they like, but can access it when they wish to.

Not only does BBC3 use convergence, but the whole BBC platform. They are accessible online, on radio, on your phone or tablet and many other platforms. The BBC has ‘around the world’/ ‘global’. The BBC is now available everywhere, in Spain, France and Germany for example. BBC world has a weekly audience of “166 million globally, including shortwave, AM, FM, digital satellite and cable channels.” (Source: This is beneficial for for users and audiences as for example, people who go abroad still may want to access the BBC from their destination. It also means that the BBC gains a better audience viewing which works as a double whammy for both.


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  1. It has been really interesting to see how the BBC has changed its business model throughout the years. It has remained a large corporation for several years and has survived many changes.

    I personally think that broadcasting BBC3 shows solely on Iplayer was a very smart move. I stopped watching scheduled TV programmes a long time ago and I’m sure many other people my age have too. I just no longer have the time to sit down at say 5pm and watch my favoutive TV program every single week. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and I can’t do this anymore.

    Like you have said, the BBC is now accessible across many platforms and I think this is great. I can be sitting on the train and I will receive ‘Breaking News’ updates from the app as soon as something big has happened. Being a journalism student this has been a crucial aspect in increasing my media consumption.

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