Nowadays, we are able to use our phones for practically anything e.g. texting, taking photos, surfing the internet, paying and now even storing our plane or concert tickets. This change has made our lives much easier; we no longer need to carry a million different things in our pockets, our smartphones will simply do.

Not only has it made our lives easier, but this form of convergence has also changed many other aspects of the media industry. Today, I can sit on the train and listen to/read the news directly from my phone. This means that I can stay connected to what is happening across the world, but as a result, Journalists are having to learn new skills such as reporting on social media platforms (e.g. for Twitter) and their audience now have access to their reporting for free, causing uncertainty about their income.

The creation of the ultimate all-in-one phone means that we have become significantly more dependant on our phones. It is now virtually impossible to leave the house without these tiny devices, and if we do, we feel the need to run back and grab it before we can even begin to think about starting our day.


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  1. I don’t think that the fact that journalist have to develop social media skills is a disadvantage in any way, especially when it comes to their income because social media related jobs didn’t exist a few years ago and the digital field is where many of us, media student, are going to be in.
    In addition it is because audience members have free access to these platforms that companies make money. Also, it is much easier to draw in someone if the service is ‘’free’’.
    In this case: audience = data = profit.

    With that said, I wish I didn’t need to have basic social media skill to succeed in this industry because I do not like to be on social media sites.


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