Twitter inside your TV

I’m not sure if it’s right but I thought of a music tv show called ‘The Voice’ and tweets which are demonstrated on the screen while the show is being recorded live. The old medium is a television ‘box’ and the new medium is a social network which is kind of integrated into the tv. I don’t know if other shows do this because I’ve never watched ‘X-factor’ or any programmes of this kind apart from ‘The Voice’ as we have it in the country where I’m from.

I like this twitter feature because it’s interesting to read people’s opinions while a song is being performed or some action is taking place. I think it’s astonishing how a tiny hashtag sign (#) can unite so many people and let them share opinions on the Internet while being shown on tv at the same time. This way it gets even more interactive, especially if you have no one to discuss the show with. However, obviously those tweets, which are being allowed during the show is aired, are checked a few times. ‘Distorting the truth’ isn’t the right way to call it but it definitely is a tool of creating some kind of mood and opinion which the creators of the show want the audience to have. Surely, angry or unsatisfied tweets are there but are rarely seen; it’s sad because, in my opinion, that would be much more interesting to read, not only positive but negative opinions.




  1. I thought this was an excellent example. This really exemplifies the idea of media convergence allowing for interaction media. By suggesting tweeting with a certain hashtag, this allows viewers to transform from passive users, to active users, interacting with those from all over the world watching the show, as well as simultaneously sharing the trend with those who aren’t viewing at the moment. This in a way, allows the network or show to be able to freely advertise. This could be considered an example of cultural convergence in that the viewer is becoming a user for the network.


  2. I totally agree with you, I personally don’t use Twitter so much, I mean i have the account, but i never open the app to view the content XDD but i do have weibo account, and it’s kind of like Twitter. I also like the feature that hashtag thing, cause we can find someone also share the same interest with us, and even better we can communicate and share our ideas. Of course there has a feature that show the topic which most people talk, so we can not only find something we like, also we can learn or discover something new.


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