Why and how to: track audience

I think the aim of the module is to prepare students for the future and how a working day in their lives will be like. Also, I believe that media courses are developing year by year in order to fit with the newest technology that appears everyday. Fore example, a few years ago, media courses were based only on traditional form of media such as newspapers, magazines or any form of print, TV and radio. But a lot has changed since then and people rely more on more on social media sites and platform to get their daily “dose of news”. Even if this means serious news or more entertaining ones, the vast majority of people have switched of to social media, thus making it the most influential power in the media.

Because of this, I believe that it is highly important to monitor all activity on social media. Even if we try to start our own page or we are hired to take care of a social media profile, having a subscription to a site that will monitor all the activity is a helpful way to customize the content in order to attract more viewers. The information given is really handy to track all activity and how users engage with the content provided. One of these tools is called www.sproutsocial.com which offers a one month free trail to help users decide if this is something worth investing in and then 3 types of monthly plans suitable for single companies and ones that own more than one page on social media.


Source: http://sproutsocial.com/features/social-media-analytics



  1. I don’t necessarily think we have a duty to statistically monitor all the big data gathered from worldwide social media usage but if we ever need to find the stats for a particular research paper (or the essay due in few weeks), the site would definitely be a go-to for anyone in need of mentioning the traffic on social media. As a person that loves looking at organized, colourful, pretty metadata with modern icons, kudos to you that found this particular site because I am pretty sure there are those out there that are not as nice to look at.


  2. So glad that someone wrote about audience tracking and gave me insight to a new tool. I used to maintain the website for the company I work for using Google Analytics. It was pretty straight forward and simple to use. However, I’m now wondering which one would be my preferred tool if I was to try out Sprout Social. The one thing I did notice was that you said they offer a one month free trial, implying that users would eventually have to pay for the services, as were Google Analytics was free.


  3. I didn’t know about this website but I find it very interesting . Having a good knowledge of the customer behavior, which is now intended as the audience, is the first step for success. Being constantly updated thanks to this website instead of spending a lot of time checking yourselves could be super helpful.


  4. While studying my course I only found one website that gave more statistical information on tracking rather that written reports. I like that someone found a website like this and I believe it will be very useful, since it will provide users with solid piece of evidence that they could use to support their statements or work. Hopefully I will soon sign up for a free trial and see whether it worths the attention. Thank you


  5. I do think it’s important for big businesses to monitor all activity in their social media profiles, however this touches on a delicate subject – privacy.
    I feel like I’m running from the actual point of your post but people should be free to do whatever they want online, as long as it is not harmful for others (that is a rule that should apply to anything in life), without having to simply become data.
    I’m not happy with the way things work now-a-days. With the way society responds to technology and one of the reasons is the fact that we lose touch with what’s really important and allow big businesses to capitalize on our need to keep up to date.
    I’m not sure whether anything I talked about makes much sense but I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing that the website you showed us can be useful to us as media students.


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