What kind of phone do you have?

Nowadays, technology is so readily available to us that we can have it wherever we go. We are now practically glued to our phones.
As a society, we are becoming more dependant on our phones. We become more involved and interested on what kinds of technology we use. As the article states, our phones are now “30 times more valuable per ounce than a block of solid silver”. Take the example of when at the Libertines gig in Birmingham, a thief stole 38 mobile phones.

Kill switch, but which? Towards a more holistic approach to phone theft” an article by Marc Rogers , writes that in order for him to “solve problems with technology”, it means that he often has to reshape the technology he works with. This is useful in this topic because in order for us to thrive, we constantly need to change and alter technology. We need to be able to work with our technology in order to solve questions and provide answers. Students may be able to use this article to their advantage in order to look at how people reshape technology to suit our needs.

The article also talks about security software and network security. Security, on the internet and our phones is a huge hot topic. Reading this article in the words of a hacker provides some good views. Moreover, the article would be a great source when looking at how we as a society can overcome and prevent phone theft and hacking. In the eyes of many, although there have been attempts to create “anti theft” softwares, there are still many ways around this.

Main online resource for students:


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