The Networked Society: An Introduction

“The Networked Society: An Introduction” is a YouTube video that I came across that I believe would be incredibly useful for students, like myself, to understand a bit more about the concept of just what a ‘Network Society ‘ is.

The video is part of an online series which explores the concept in much more depth, however, the introductory video helps to establish the key ideas behind the concept. It explains about how technology is becoming more integral within our everyday lives. How our ability to be constantly connected to so many other people via the internet has shifted our thought patterns. We no longer think about how to get this access, but what to do with it and how to use it in order to make ourselves heard.

The video briefly talks about how these advancements in technology aren’t just affecting our lives in terms of social media, but in the way that everything works – how businesses have had to rethink their strategies in terms of advertising as well as how governments communicate with the general public.

I found this video particularly useful as while it was pretty basic in terms of content, I think it would help students who are just beginning to learn about The Network Society to understand a bit more about what it all is.




  1. You are right, this video is very good at outlining the basics of what a networked society really is. The presenters raise some good points regarding the topic, including the fact that nowadays it’s all about ‘the little things.’ Technology today is becoming smaller and smaller and companies are working hard to make things as small as possible in order to make things more convenient for us. It’s true, social media is such an important factor in our lives today that even businesses are beginning to use it for things such as advertisement and business strategies etc. and so as social media changes, firms must adapt to these changes.


  2. This is a very nice introductory resource indeed! Especially for those who retain information better if they listen to it. It is nice to change up your sources of information especially in terms of the medium as sometimes research can get monotonous.


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