Project Muse

In my studies of communications and digital media, one website which has been an invaluable resource is Project Muse. Project Muse is an online database which contains hundreds of peer reviewed journals in the fields of the visual and performing arts, literature and criticism, digital media studies and cultural studies. I have used this resource in nearly all of my research necessary to writing papers and completing projects in classes which revolve around every form of media from books and film to the modern internet and social media. The Project Muse website is one of the leading online databases of electronic journals by non-profit publishers from leading university presses. Unlike many online databases, Project Muse provides full-text articles, so that students do not need to use multiple resources or pay to get full content.  Founded in 1995 with the mission of a collaboration between the library and the internet for the benefit of scholars around the world, Project Muse is not just a helpful resource for members of this course, it is a surviving example of one of the founding qualities for the creation of the World Wide Web: to make knowledge and information accessible to all.

Access to this database is provided by the University of Westminster.



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