Online Resources- Statista

One source that I have used in the past for social media research that I feel would be applicable to this class is Statista can be accessed through the university and is a very good source for visual learners, as most posts are in the forms of graphs. It is one of the world’s largest statistics portals and is one of the “world’s first and only companies to bring together data from over 18,000 sources”. In the past, I have used this site to view reports and projected statistics on social media trends and usage including who is using, the number and age of people who are using and what kinds of posts receive the most engagement on different social media platforms. Statista also reports trends on topics other than social media including everything from sports to video gaming. Additionally, you can also search data on specific companies and industries worldwide. Here is an example of a graph that can be found on their site.statistic_id272014_global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users-2016



  1. This is a great site that would be very useful for this module. I am a visual learner myself so was really pleased to find so many colourful charts that are super easy to follow. What I found particularly interesting was the graph called “The ‘Slow iPhone’ phenomenon” because it showed that even as the models became more advanced, an increasing amount of people were turning to Google to search why their phones were not performing at expected speed. It’s also quite ironic to find that the earliest models of iPhone seemed to be faster than iPhones 4 and later. This got me thinking about whether technology is moving too quickly for the sake of making a profit. Perhaps if more time was spent on the models, more bugs and imperfections could be identified. Or maybe we just feel like our iPhones our slow when we compare them to our peers’. Overall I think it shows how demanding we are as human beings who are so reliant on technology. Great website, looking forward to using more of it as the module progresses.


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