Musing on Technology

Although I understand the weight and importance of academia and the writings of the old and wise, I can’t help but feel more drawn into discussions between equals, that’s why my online resource is a blog created by students like myself, who in 2012 created 161 blog posts about technology in the modern world. The blogs tagline reads “A blog by undergraduates exploring the impact of technology in today’s world.” and as I’m studying network society and the media this seems like a suitable resource to get my brain working.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 15.55.34

The posts range from communication through social networking to ethics in technology and touches on everything in-between, having such a range of topics to think about and so many posts to refer to, makes this a perfect online resource. The blog also supplies references to academic writings and other resources online which helps create a larger list of potential research material for myself and adds more to the overall conversation that I have joined through this module.

The reason I chose to have my online resource as a blog is that no matter what we are studying there will be a post that supports the topic, I don’t have to read a two hundred page academic book or rely on a single article. The blog has so much to offer in terms of posts related to the main subject that I could find multiple posts that cover a large area of each weeks topic.

Check out the blog here:



  1. I think this blog is very interesting and it also very creative about techonology on the modern world today, and it has the date of articles, so it is kind of like journal, so it is very convenient for us to find some articles, and it really has some ideas close to our module “Network society and the news”, like i just saw a article about discuss Google make us stupid or smart, some contents can make us explore our knowledge, so it’s a great online resource.


  2. I agree with jiangying, the blog looks interesting, it’s unusual. When you mentioned that it was created by students, I expected something more ‘everyday life’-ish, but I was surprised when I saw that all posts are written in academic language with references to other authors and articles. That’s very convenient I’d say, because the size of the posts there is considerably short but it gives an idea of what you can read about if you click on the link. To be honest, I’m not very keen on reading long stuff even if it’s a topic I’m interested in but those posts are just the right size to make me either eager to read or leave it and continue scrolling. Thank you for a nice source!


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