It’s just an opinion… but it means more than you think

Let me introduce you to, a website that broadcasts your opinions.

Allow me to further explain: is a platform that broadcasts the opinions of the under 25’s which are the most ignored because ‘young people don’t know much’ (when I mention young people I’m referring to 13 to 25 year-olds as that is the age range of contributors and/or journalists working with, although mainly teenagers’ opinions get ignored in such way). Anyone can get involved with Podium, however only voices from people under 25 are broadcast on the weekly podcasts.

I consider this useful for the students of this module because platforms like this show how much we have evolved as members of society. Although (often) not taken seriously, young people, now-a-days, are more aware of the world and that awareness turns into knowledge. They become capable of making their own decisions about what they believe in.

I know I might be generalizing and that reality isn’t exactly like this but I’ve got my life experience and I’ve also seen other people’s. Therefore, I do believe that we, young ones, are more clued in than our parents were at our age. If you think about it, however, when were your opinions taken seriously? Maybe when someone needed a hand with his or her new smartphone or when somebody else wanted to buy a new laptop or tablet?

Technology is what makes us aware of the world. That awareness allows us to form educated opinions. Platforms like broadcast them and in the near future children will become eduated young people whose voices are heard.



  1. It sounds like a really interesting website, i will definitely check it out.
    It is true there are some close minded people that believe the opinions of younger people shouldn’t be taken in consideration for the simple fact that they are young. This might have been true years ago, but I believe this no longer applies to our generation and the ones after. Technology is rapidly and constantly changing and developing and this makes younger generations as you said, more aware of what goes on around them. Younger people are more likely to know more than their parents when it comes to technology because we are almost always online researching without even realizing it. I for one used to find it odd when my mom asked me to show her how to do something on a phone/laptop because i expected her to know since she is older than me. Now i enjoy this exchange of information between me and her because it shows that age doesn’t equal knowledge.


  2. Thank you for sharing this website with us. It is definitely something new and undoubtedly useful. I personally think that the opinions of those under 25 are the ones that stand out as they are fresh and see the world somewhat differently then those who are older. The younger generation’s opinions are often left out but with this website I believe this is about to change


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