Helpful resource for the media fans

When I started researching the web in hopes of finding useful resources for my fellow classmates, I have set myself a particular topic to do the research on. And this topic is digital media and the innovations that this sphere has. In fact, I was lucky to find so many useful and generally interesting websites, journals, videos and even mobile apps that I was faced with yet another tricky decision of narrowing down all of that information to a single source. Thus, I present you the website that will hopefully help and encourage students of this module. The website is Poynter.  This is the place for everyone who is studying media, journalism or is generally interested in both of these subjects. This website gives users the insight into the daily updates in the world of media. It is easy to navigate and understand, as this website combines all of the articles from different magazines regarding the topic you are interested in. It gives users a deep insight into the many sides of media and journalism as well as appropriate tips that are nice to bear in  mind. The resource boasts such a great variety of interesting articles and topics, that all of the users are finding it highly effective and helpful.




  1. It is a very useful online website, and this resource has news about happened recently, but i think it’s more useful for student who study journalism, but it offers lots of different type of articles, you can read the news and som suggestions about journalism or something relate with our course like “lessions from losing your journalism job”. So i recommend to student who study journalism


  2. I liked this website’s layout and structure, it seems to be very appealing and proffesional. I believe this website will be useful for those studying network society and the media module, and especially for those who study public relations. It was interesting to see someone use a news website, however how would you differ this website from other news websites such as the guardian or daily mail?


  3. What I like most about Poynter is that it’s a website made for students like ourselves, that it’s userfriendly and helped create a welcoming but educational environment for the students that visit it. Having a website that covers a wide variety of topics in the subject of network society helps supply students with a useful singular website that they can rely for a number of different topics.


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