Everything is a Remix

I was introduced to a project entitled, “Everything is a Remix,” by Kirby Ferguson about a year ago during a course about music as media. As someone with a particular interest in the music industry I was fascinated with his work. However, after revisiting his website time and time again I began to fully understand that his main idea was not only about music, or other media forms but that the larger ideas and concepts that Ferguson was introducing all came back to the notion of a network society.

The four part video series and research project revolves around the idea that all media is essentially sampled, implying that due to technological changes in our society the creative process has since shifted – we now copy, transform and combine, nothing is innately original anymore. His aim is not to degrade modern creations or discourage people from continuing to create, but rather to highlight the affects of communities, especially the ones that live online, and how they have amplified how our access to media and our ability to share ideas which has resulted in the changing landscape of creativity, originality and even copyright laws in the digital age as made evident by the examples seen throughout his videos.

I highly recommend taking the time to watch the video series, he has recently added a new case study about iPhones and software patents, it’s both informative and fun, I promise! His reference page also has some great links for further exploration of his theory if you are interested!

Give it a look see down below:






  1. To be fair, I did not expect those videos to be half as intriguing and insightful as they were. However, Ferguson did an awesome job balancing cool visuals, examples (that lucky for me were closely related music, which makes even the most boring learning experience somewhat tolerable) and information. Although I was aware of how music is sampled/copied/remixed, I never would have thought to see that ALL other media is essentially “remixed”. Definitely one of my favorite blog posts I’ve read this week!


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