A networked society

The Networked Society Blog is a blog created by Ericsson and there is more than one author updating it.This blog provides a critical insight on a multitude of areas such as business, people, society and technology. It discusses the emergence of a ”networked society” a term used by the Information and Communications Technology to describe a future ecosystem in which changes to communities and individuals are driven by the Internet.

I think this is a useful blog for media students because it shows how crucial technology is in our day to day lives and how some people are completely dependent on technology, how the Internet promotes change in individuals and communities and it includes the positive and negative side of the emergence of a networked society. It also links with some of the topics we will be discussing this module.For example, I found a post that I believe links with the lecture on Privacy and Surveillance and it is called ”Why excessive fines for data protection violations are bad for a thriving European digital economy”. The post discusses the  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was proposed for Europe. What i like about this post is that it doesn’t solely focus on the individual’s right to privacy, it is also c0ncerned at a bigger scale. If you would like to read the article you can find it here and the URL of the blog is this one.






  1. I think this is a really useful blog that is very relevant to the module. Most of the articles link to the discussions that we have in seminars. I particularly enjoyed reading the article about starting a business in the mobile app industry and how such ‘apptrepreneurs’ can deceive customers into helping them make a profit, because it relates to the conversations we had in today’s class. However, I also do favour the link that the3nglishblog sent because it really emphasises how ridiculous our dependency is on technology and makes us question whether all technological creations are necessary to get through everyday life. In contrast, the blog promotes too heavily the use of these creations such as Gigabytes and ignores many negative factors enforced by a networked society. I think that as students trying to understand the networked society that we live in, we need to acknowledge the disadvantages of using technology as well as its advantages. But again, the blog is very interesting and useful for this module, so thanks for the link!


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