TED and Statistics

It’s a really hard topic for me this week, because I don’t know any online resource about ‘Network society and the News’ this module before, I always go to Google then research something. Therefore, I am just recommending some websites might not very relate with the topic. 😦


Like one year ago, when I tried to find something about my essay, then I found out there have lots of useful resource about technology, entertainment and other subjects like business and media in TED.com,  and you can watch some professional specialists have a speech about their professional subjects, their speech are very creative and definitely not boring, and you can also get new data information about some speech. What’s more, it’s slogan is “ideas worth spreading” and you can get lots of inspiration from their ideas.



Another one is about research data, my tutor told me once, if I want to find some databases, we can find data, statistics and consumers survey results, industry studies from more than 18,000 sources. You absolutely can find many different categories of data, for instance, they even have the national football league: super bowl wins by team 2016, so if you want to find data and statistics for your essay or presentation, this website can provide source for you.





  1. At first I thought I’d be more relevant to those who study PR and advertising but I checked it out and it has literally all spheres you need, no matter what you study. It’s very up-to-date because I clicked on the first thing that came up in “TV and Film” and it was a graph demonstrating the box office revenue of the top 10 movies in China in the first week of February, 2016. However, you can find some older statistics back from 2005 and I’m sure even earlier. You need to register in order to have more features available, like downloading something in the format that suits you most, and you even have to pay if you want a ‘premium pack’ to see ‘premium graphs’ (I wonder what those are) but you’re still able to see statistics if you’re just visiting the website which is cool. It’s a very helpful tool for writing essays!

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