There’s more history besides the Internet’s

It’s incredible that something that was created as an act of war has become essential to so many people. I find fascinating the desire of accomplishing more and developing better software, what’s more impressive is that said desire still exists. What I don’t understand is the reason why. I feel as though we’ve had everything we need for a while now but things keep getting improved. I find myself wondering what drives a human being to continuing developing something that, in my opinion, is developed enough. What’s the purpose of it all? Is it to make money or to be remembered?

60% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to the internet, yet the remaining 40% states not being able to live without it. I remember not being allowed to be on the computer before all my homework was done and now most homework requires kids to use the internet.

I think it’s interesting how people transformed this platform into a community to express their opinions and dissatisfaction regarding different issues of society including war and nuclear weapons, and even now the internet is a place where we can express our opinions and shed light on real social issues such as body-image and discrimination. I just find it sad that we depend on something that, in reality, isn’t essential. Sure it makes our lives easier but as it’s growing it starts making us unable to go outside and cohabitate with other people.


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  1. Hi Andrea. I think this is an interesting post and I wholly agree that how much the internet has developed means that a lot of it is actually unnecessary to everyday life. I also share your surprise in how the internet has become a learning platform for students of all levels in education. For instance, I feel that it is strange how blogging and commenting is part of how we are assessed in University, because it’s almost as if we’re being graded on our own opinions. I think this just goes to show how much the internet has developed and therefore how generalized it has become; the internet is basically the most obvious tool for education. I think I’d love to go back to an era before that of the internet, and experience education in a more traditional style, i.e. with real blackboards and books that do not have to be electronically read. Would you agree? Lastly, I share mutual thoughts with you that it’s a shame that the internet has restricted people from properly communicating with each other, and by that I mean emotionally. A text or WhatsApp message hardly holds any proper feeling and I think is only good for quick updates etc. In your post you don’t really specify what actually keeps us away from the outside world: is it computer games, videos, social media or anything else? It would be nice to find out! Thanks!


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