The Snapchat effect

People may think that Snapchat is another social network with the same features that Facebook or Twitter can have. Wrong. Snapchat is not only very different from them, but it is also changing our communication. Snapchat is a video/photo messaging application created in 2011 that allows its users to send pictures and video, to apply some filters to them, to write and draw on them and to send them to your friends. Seems like a different-but-same Facebook. The difference is that this “Snaps” you send last 1 to 10 seconds, and then they will be forever deleted. Nowadays people are tired of their memories to be permanent stored online and for everybody to be able to see them, that is how Snapchat is becoming more and more popular; because it gives a sense of freedom. Users can send whatever they want knowing that in a couple of seconds that data will expire forever. Unfortunately, lots of people use this app to send pornographic pictures and this is definitely a con of the self-destruction way of communication. Still, 2 billion of Snaps are sent everyday, more than Facebook and Instagram combined, which indicates the growth and the appreciation of this new social network.

This post will be deleted in 3….2….1…..


  1. I completely agree. Snapchat is a completely new form of communication, what we send to our friends, is now not readily available to them forever.

    However, The Huffington Post recently wrote an article outlining Snapchat’s new Terms and Conditions in which they claim that they have the right to access, store, review and exhibit your photos and videos onto any social media platforms.

    The article claims that “Snapchat might have more control over your pictures than first thought” and perhaps this is the scary truth about today’s new media outlets. Their producers have the power to access and display anything we post on them, even if we are made to believe that our content is deleted forever.


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