The influence of Apple Inc.

In my opinion, one of the most surprising things in the history of the Internet was how the basic sharing principles have changed over time. The idea behind the Internet was to offer free access to it in every household or business. By 1991, some providers started to offer access to Internet, the same year the first World Wide Web page was created, the mp3 files and the webcams. I was surprised that this many things happened in such a short period of time, given the fact that not too long before that, the Internet had strictly military purposes.

The second most surprising thing was the evolution, downfall and then the evolution again of Apple Inc. Their first computer, Apple I was an innovative step forward than all of the others competing machines, thus making it sell even after the launch of Apple II. The first Apple computers to be made from those series were donated to a high school. But in 1997, the company lost clients in favour of Microsoft, because of their much accessible approach. By 1997, with the introduction of iMac, one third of the sales were from first-time computer buyers which proves that more and more households wanted a functional and attractive machine. In 2001, things improved even more when the first operating system developed by Apple appeared, called Mac OS X, described as crash proof, was released to convince Windows user to switch to a Mac computer. What the this timeline means to me is that both Apple and Microsoft needed each other’s competition in order to come up with the latest technology that got this society where it is today.,28804,1873486_1873491_1873530,00.html


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