The Evolution of Music Services

I find the evolution of music services on the internet very interesting due to the fact that the transition took place extremely quickly as it made it so much easier for people to access music because instead of relying on carrying Walkmans and listening to CDs we suddenly had access to more music right at our fingertips. This led to an increase in the ways in which you could stream or buy music, however in it’s early developments this still made us consumers until services like MySpace and YouTube developed allowing unknown musicians, artists and other media industry ameteurs to publicly promote their work.

This only continued to develop as more and more services became available and easier to use, such as SoundCloud, and as time moved on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter became so much more influential in these sorts of industries as outlets to promote music to a wider audience, making unknown artists much more prominent in the industry. In addition, most radio stations now have apps or online players for consumers to access their radio shows on the go as opposed to just in the car, or at home which changed the dimensions of radio.



  1. I agree that the evolution of music in modern society has a great amount to do with the development in the internet. It is interesting to see how streaming and the easy access users have to music has changed the industry. The concept we discussed in seminar about trust comes into play in that artists must trust that their listeners will purchase their music instead of illegally downloading it. In a way, this opened up a new outlet of “cyber crime”. This also made me think how certain artists like Taylor Swift, decided it was their right to restrict users access to their music on Spotify. It is also interesting to see what is available for streaming in different countries. In the US, Pandora radio is widely popular, and I have been told that is not accessible here. Additionally, it is a good point to mention how the internet has given “nobodys” a chance to rise up in fame via Youtube and other internet platforms. The internet truly has changed the dimensions of the music industry.

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  2. I completely agree with you. In fact, it could be suggested that without the internet the music industry we have today would have been so much more different and I don’t think that it would be different in a good way. It not only allows amateur artists to rise up to their goal at no extra cost (as Youtube for instance), but it also allows us, as the audience to engage with music at one click of a button. It kind of amazes me that in this relatively short period of time internet has changed our lives so drastically-music wise, communication wise and etc.
    It’s very good to know that you have all of your favourite music right in your pocket and any song could be easily downloaded in a matter of seconds.


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