Internet, online shopping and pizza:


I am fascinated by the fact that the Internet now exists for more than 50 years and I believe that it has made an incredible impact on human’s lives. Internet made world a closer place, allowing people to communicate and share ideas, it also introduced a wide source of various information, and it has made virtual shopping a reality. World Wide Web was introduced in 1990, and after a year became quickly available to the commercial uses. It feels like little time has passed since Amazon and Ebay-the two famous online shopping websites appeared and became available to public use. However they were also introduced almost 30 years ago. From my point of view, using Internet for commercial uses and online purchasing is clever and sustainable-it has revolutionised the production industry. I also believe that generally Internet is a great invention that was created by ambitious, creative and very skilled people, who have helped to make people’s daily routines, like education and shopping much easier. Lastly, when making my research, I have found an interesting fact-the first purchase ever made with the use of Internet was PIZZA. Do you believe this is true?







  1. I totally agree that Internet can make our life easier and more convenient, and online shopping is definitely one of them. And it’s my first time to know Pizza was the first purchased in USA internet 🙂 We can buy everything on the Internet basically, it can save our time to go to the real store, we even can buy something which really hard to find in real life. Taobao in China is the best example to prove how people love and rely on online shopping, it has a sepcial selling day on every 11th November since 2009, and this year their revenue was almost 10 billion pounds in that day. But at the same time, will people be more lazy when they rely on online shopping?

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  2. I completely agree that the internet has made our lives more convenient. However, there are many consequences to these conveniences. The internet has allowed crimes to go global: someone who lives the other side of the world is able to gain access to your bank details through a simple spam email or fake website.

    Not only have crime rates risen, but people have become a lot less anti-social as a result. Yes, it is true that we are able to communicate with people who are the other side of the world, however more often then not we are rejecting the people that are physically around us, hence causing isolation and depression.

    In an article written for Elements Behavioural Health, it stated that “Teenagers with Internet addiction problems were 2.5 times more likely to become depressed.” Perhaps it could be argued that this is indeed a result of isolation from the world around us, and getting too absorbed in a virtual world with people who we will probably never meet.



  3. The creation of online shopping has definitely resulted in people’s lives being made easier. While in some cases it’s definitely true that the option to shop online has made people more anti-social as there’s less of a reason for them to go outside, I believe that online shopping has made lots of lives easier.
    It’s now possible to purchase items from half way around the world and they’ll arrive at your door in about a week. We’re no longer limited in what we can buy by what’s available at our local shops. If that dress you’ve been lusting after for the past few weeks isn’t available in your size, people are now able to order it online and it’ll arrive the next day.
    It’s incredible how online shopping has developed from eBay and Amazon to the point where it’s now advisable for small businesses to have their own websites.

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