History of the Internet:

But… has the internet actually changed? Or has it just improved?

Changed- “make or become different”
Improved- “make or become better”

See, thats the difference its either that we’ve made it different or we’ve made it better. However, in one’s opinion, the internet has not at all been made different. In fact, we are just taking something thats already been made and making it better. Really, in opinion, we are just taking something that’s already been created and adding to it. Its like making a sandwich- having the bread which is the base and then adding on any toppings you like. Its like Subway- adding on any topping- HAVE IT YOUR WAY.

However, what we have changed is the ‘batch processing’ method. We can now process more than one thing at a time which is the most amazing ‘improvement’. Now, there it is… its difficult to actually differ and define what we have changed and what we have improved. I guess there’s a thin line between the two, but it’ll take far more thorough research into finding out what we have changed and what we have improved.

But one thing that has certainly changed is the virtual community we all take part in when we are on the internet. As more people have access to the internet in todays world- 40%. However, in 1995, less than 1% had access to the internet.

Thus, we are improving as a global community. The more people that have access to the internet, the more we become as one on the internet.

Source- http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users/



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