History of Internet & Social Networking


The concept of the Internet being identified as a “chronicle of contradiction” perfectly describes how it stood at the introduction of it’s existence and how it still functions today. The idea today that the Internet gives people power, yet shrinks the world is a constant hot topic and for many reasons. With the Internet originally starting as a tool for military usage it was quite ironic to see it take a turn in the 70’s as a social movement. The idea of libertarianism stemming from something that was intended to be used for research and communication in war was unexpected but led to a great amount of creative empowerment. The idea of “The Well” was interesting because this is in a way the beginning to where we are now where people question whether the Internet brings people together or distances each other. There’s compuserve-advertisements-970x543many different ways people look at this especially in today’s world where many feel technology is taking over our lives. At this time in the 1970s and 80s, the Internet allowed people to connect and see the world in ways they hadn’t before. People used services such as CompuServe that allowed members to share events and news and it was an amazement to interact in ways beyond person to person, and the concept of chat rooms and the birth of social networking was seemingly a milestone. Today, there is a large argument that the Internet is taking away from human interaction. Not only that, but Internet gives people the power to be anonymous, and therefore allows on to act differently than they would in person. Then again, the Internet does able to connect people on a level that would not be possible in person; it allows connection to the other side of the world in a mere matter of seconds. Yet, connection via the Internet does not necessarily give one the true view of that person or the information the user is reading. Overall, the Internet is truly a chronicle of contradiction from its history to present day.

The history of social networking



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