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It could surely be said that there are so many interesting and mesmerizing facts about the history of the internet. In fact, almost every day new services are developed. But, I believe one of the most significant services created are search engines. In particular, I will be discussing Google.

Google it… We hear this term being used frequently every day, don’t we? That is all thanks to the developers of Google- the online search engine which rescues us on a daily basis.It could surely be said that Google is one of the most recognizable search engines on the planet, if not the most recognizable one. The creation of this modern day marvel is the merit of two (back then) college students- Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who met one day and decided that it was about time for the creation of something, that will be forever stored in the history of the world wide web. In the year of 1996, they created a search engine called BackRub which was running for just over a year before the creators of it decide to rename the search engine to Google. By the way, have you ever noticed that once you Google something and go further into the results pages, the number of the “o” in Google grows more and more? Well, that is because Googol is a mathematical term which describes an incredibly large number- many zeros after 1. Therefore, Sergey and Larry thought it would be the perfect name for the search engine  as the main goal was to get as much of the results from the web as possible.

Just come to think of it, without search engines internet would have been very different and so much more confusing. It’s absolutely amazing that with one single word you get millions of results and endless amounts of information.

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  1. I totally agree with Internet is very helpful and make our life easier at some point, and online shopping is defintely one of them. Online shopping can make us save time to go to the real store and we can buy something that really hard to find in real life. Therefore, people are love to shopping online, for instance, Taobao is the best example to show how people rely on online shopping, it has a special selling day on Taobao every 11th of November since 2009, and guess what this year, the revenue of Taobao was almost 10 billion pounds on that day. But at the same time, maybe online shopping make us lazier??


    • Personally I think that the gap between “is the Internet good or bad for us?” is extremely tiny. Online shopping can make us lazier, but buying online we can save an LOT of time. Watching streaming television instead of going to the cinema makes you save around 8£ every movie. Reading books or magazines online seems faster and you don’t have to bring heavy books in your bag every time you take the tube, but you also loose the pleasure of the paper in your hands and the smell of the old books. And your sight can feel betrayed as well for staring and the screen 24/7. But Google guys…. That’s the best invention ever. Does Google have some negative aspects? 🙂


      • Does it count negative aspects when you google your favorite actors but it comes out some negative news about him haha? XDD Yeah I have to admit Google is the best invention ever, cause we can basically find everything that we want, but for personally, sometimes when I google something, will have the advertisements and something which is not very related with my research XDD


  2. I’m glad somebody wrote about Google because I also think that it’s one of the greatest inventions not in history, of course, but in the history of the internet. I read about the history of the company last semester because it was marked as ‘essential’ in the reading list and at first I thought, ‘who cares? Google is there – that’s enough, why should I read about its history?’ but I was astonished by the development of Google. Still can’t get over the fact how impressive the Google Doodle is and I’m always very excited when a new animations comes up on the screen! But when you think about the search engine, don’t you think there’re limits which depend on a language the search is in? I think it’s like with Wikipedia where millions, if not billions, of articles can be found in English but the amount of articles in other languages isn’t that impressive. English speakers are indeed blessed because there were moments during my school life when we had no idea about something and the first thing that came to our minds was, ‘we should google it!’. We did but the answer wasn’t there at all – this result was followed by our loud, ‘we are doomed!’ Obviously when you have Google or other searching engines, you won’t go to the library to look for the answer you need because ‘meh, I’m too lazy for that’ or, even worse, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to find the answer there either’. It’s scary, isn’t it? I don’t think next generations will ever go to the library because why should they? Everything is (supposed to be) on the Internet.
    Google definitely made our lives easier, especially at school and university but, I know I won’t be original here, but how trustworthy is the information we get? I don’t talk about Wikipedia now, just google results in general. We rarely get the reference list at the end of an article we read. There were a few times when I read absolutely amazing articles and I wanted to add a few pieces of information from there to my essay but those were just websites (which looked lovely), but they didn’t even put the name of the person who wrote that article. It was mere information without any references. What are the chances of it being all real without a bit of imagination there? I was brave enough to put in on my reference list but obviously my teacher wasn’t happy at all. If we were used to going to libraries like our parents did, this problem never existed.
    Googol of probably fake information which you can retrieve at a blink of an eye or trustworthy sources, collected to be read, in a boring library – which is better?


  3. There’s no doubt that Google has helped many people access endless information time and time again. You can find everything and anything through Google. Literally. I believe that with enough time and determination, people can Google most of the things they would learn in a college classroom setting, closing much of the gap between those people who can afford a college education and those who cannot. Of course, based solely on knowledge, because regardless of how much you learn though the Internet/Google, you still won’t have any type of degree/diploma to prove it. But still, the fact that it helps those who cannot afford a college degree to learn endlessly is probably my favorite thing about Google.


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