Something that I found quite interesting about the history of the internet is the development of ‘Internet Television’.

Television on the internet has been around for a good few years now, while it might feel as though we’ve been able to watch television online for years now, it’s still something that’s continuing to expand in terms of both service providers and users.


The first Internet television service provider was a website called ‘Hulu’. This was website created by various American television broadcasting companies (ABC, NBC and FOX) in order to make it easier for their audiences to catch up on television shows they may have missed.

Internet television has developed massively with pretty much all major television networks having some kind online facility allowing the general public to pick and choose when they watch certain shows. Netflix and Amazon Prime have also become major players in the internet television industry. With more and more of these service providers popping up, audiences are now spoiled for choice in a variety of different television shows and films to choose from. This has lead to these websites producing their own exclusive television series’ which have proven to be popular among audiences and critics alike.



While internet television was something that was initially created to make it easier for audiences to catch up on shows they’d missed, it’s clear that the concept has developed since then and I’m sure will continue to develop as time goes on.




  1. I think an interesting connection between the idea of technological determinism and the evolution of internet television, from streaming previously created content to producing their own, can be made. Has access to an entire series via these technologies changed our viewing habits – the phenomena known as binge watching? or has our fast paced culture created a necessity to distribute film and television in this way?


  2. Your explanation of the change of how advance we are as a culture really just sums up the whole idea in a very easy way to understand.
    Do you think that the “new and easier” way of watching television as taken us away from the actually reality of what Television in the past use to be and how it was meant to be used. Or is it just our means of trying to be in an alternative reality from our everyday lives?
    More and more I can see how much I rather watch catch up tv than sitting down and watching shows as they happen “binge watching” I do not see the problem with it however do you think that in the years to come this “internet television will be more and more in or daily lives or will there be a much more evolutionary way of watching Television?


  3. I agree that the development of ‘internet television’ is an interesting take on the history of the internet. As a Television Production student I can say first hand that the creation of television on the internet completely changes the dynamics of the media industry and the future of media creators careers and the way in which the audience consumes the media.
    Although ‘internet television’ may have first been developed to help consumers catch up on the television that they may have missed, it has quite rapidly become its very own source of media.


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