How Did The Internet Go From That To This?

The history of the internet-more specifically the World Wide Web (WWW)- is so interesting to me because of what it’s become in it’s short existence. When I think of the history of the Internet I feel like I’m talking about something that has been around for ages. Which I guess is because I can’t/don’t want to imagine a life before it. But in reality the Internet as a whole isn’t that old, the first steps to the Internet that we know today were made only 47 years ago. As for the worldwide web, it’s only been around for 17 years! That’s it.

However, what was once used to transfer information between Stanford and UCLA is now used for everything and anything. Literally. And one thing is for sure- it exposes us to the world, making our lives less private than ever before. I mean really, when was the last time you did something cool for the first time, had a delicious meal, or saw a beautiful sunset without taking time away from enjoying it to capture a quick picture for Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook?

Why do you think some of us feel the need to share so much of our lives with the Internet world? For likes? To feel like we’ve done something worth sharing? Or is it just something that we just do subconsciously now?


1. History of the Internet in a Nutshell

2. We now upload and share over 1.8 billion photos each day: Meeker Internet report

3. If You Printed All The Instagram Photos Uploaded In a Year, How Far Would They Reach


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  1. Depends on the user themselves, some may use it for likes, some because it may seem ‘mandatory’ in our society and some may use it to document their lives, to make sure that the memory will remain so you can look back at it and see what amazing things you have done.


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