The revival of the traditional vocation

The Internet: the large system of connected computers around the world which people use to communicate with each other.  Or at least that’s how the Cambridge English Dictionary describe it.

Yet The Internet is much more than just a device used to connect people around the world. Nowadays, The Internet is not just used to communicate with other people, but also to communicate with ourselves.

Through sites such as Youtube, Twitter and WordPress anybody and everybody is free to express their opinions and become their very own version of a Journalist…The Internet has created new platforms for freedom of speech. Click here for a list of the UK’s Top 10 Youtubers who have demonstrated the wonders of today’s Internet.


For me, being a journalism student, this fairly recent development has revolutionised both the things I do and the things I learn. Thanks to The Internet I can do what I love without having to wait for me to finish my degree and get a job with a magazine or newspaper. All I have to do is log onto my blog and write my own version of a ‘News Story.’

As for my studies, my course has now integrated the endless possibilities of journalism in the 21st century. We focus on how to write stories online, on Twitter and even on Facebook.

Whilst the Internet has always been a platform for communication and expression of our views and opinions, it has never actually been recognised for the way it is re-shaping traditional industries. The Internet has created a revival of a traditional occupation.





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  1. You’re more than right! The internet has indeed created something so wonderful for us. Thanks to the internet we can now, in the freedom of our own homes do what we like. According to statistics in 2014 on the Guardian, around 13.9% of people made up the proportion of people who work at home. (Source: And so, with the ‘revival’ of the internet as you say, we are now more and more able to do what we love without leaving the luxury of our homes. The internet allows us to freely and easily communicate between others who are working at home too or working at the office.


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