Yay for Photoshop!

It wasn’t on any of these readings but the origins of Adobe Photoshop surprised me most of all. Here’s a short story for those of you who’ve never asked themselves, ‘where did Photoshop come from?’
Thomas Knoll, a University of Michigan student, decided to code a specific programme in 1987 in order to fix the problem of greyscale images not being shown on Mac Plus (third model of Macintosh computers). His brother, John, helped Thomas to develop this programme and it was later named “Display”; after having more features added to the programme, it was called “Image-Pro” and that’s when 2 brothers decided to look for investors. Russell Brown, the Creative Director of Adobe, purchased the software, and it appeared on the market known as “Photoshop”. It was considerably cheap, compared to other editing softwares out there. Thanks to the high demand, it was later decided to make it compatible with Windows as before it had been written for Mac only.

It’s incredible how 2 university students managed to create one of the most utilised softwares nowadays. How many of you knew that it’d existed for more than 20 years now? I believed it was like 7 years old or something.

Do you guys use Photoshop? Do you think it’s worth its money? I’ll be glad to read your replies! 🙂

P.S. If you’re interested in the matter, you can read more here:

1)The History of Photoshop: http://www.creativebloq.com/adobe/history-photoshop-12052724

2) History of Photoshop: Journey from Photoshop 1.0 to Photoshop CS5: http://creativeoverflow.net/history-of-photoshop-journey-from-photoshop-1-0-to-photoshop-cs5/



  1. I didn’t know Photoshop was more than 20 years old and I was also surprised.
    I have never used Photoshop but I plan on learning how to as I will need it in the future.
    I think it is a great editing tool and it is used for so many good things but it is also used to distort reality in fashion photo shoots for example, by correcting ”imperfections” and I do not quite agree with this. What do you think?
    Recently, Nikon gave the Nikon Captures award to a photoshopped image but it didn’t take long for Photoshop experts to spot it and alert Nikon. You can read the article here if you’d like:http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/31/nikon-awards-prize-to-photoshopped-image-internet-responds-accordingly-5654279/


  2. Indeed, Photoshop is used to distort reality nowadays. Human bodies become transformed into something they have never been, instead of being simply enhanced or saturated, as it was supposed to be at first. I think more and more women tend to have low self-esteem and a wrong idea about an ‘ideal’ body. If you’re a Tumblr user, you must’ve seen tons of pretty girls but are they really pretty or are they merely skilled Photoshop users? We’ll never know that.
    I think, because Photoshop plays such a big role in our lives, there’s a belief that the more attractive a person is, the more success they have in their career. Talent and skills are no longer in demand – perfect skin is what is needed more. It’s quite terrifying to say the least.
    I’m glad that actions are taken against photoshop but I think it’s a little bit too late at least for our generation. Maybe if such campaigns keep on being created, it might change the view of a human body but it’ll take time and effort.

    Thank you for that link! I’d seen this photo and I thought it was photoshopped because it looked completely unrealistic to me but I had no idea there was such an uproar about it!


  3. I’m also surprised to learn that Photoshop is now more than two decades old. Although I have never used it myself, I think it’s a great tool for editing and being able to use it surely makes someone more employable. It is however, far too expensive and I think the cost should be at least halved. With more degrees becoming reliant on advanced technology and software, including degrees in our own MAD school, I think it’s necessary for the cost to be lowered if we media students are to fully excel on our courses. Yes we have access to Photoshop on the Macs on campus, but what about our own Macs and Macbooks? As university students in this day and age, we can hardly afford to buy a Photoshop package for hundreds of pounds when it adds up. Having said this, I do hope to be experienced on using Photoshop one day as I believe it is a respected skill in employment, and necessary in a world that is becoming more and more encompassed by modern technology.


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