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  1. As a constant social media user I do wonder sometimes where all this information is being stored, it scares me a lot to think of who might be able to get my information and how it might be used. I very much like the idea that snapchat deletes my post 24 hours after it is added however do you actually think that they delete our snaps as they say is there any actually proof that is what really happens? On the issues of sending pornographic images and “believing” that your snaps are actually deleted afterwards don’t you think that it is much safer sending it via snap rather than Facebook or Instagram?
    Just a reminder of ‘ Amada todd’ a 15 year old who unfortunately sent images without clothes she was bullied online and was forced to commit suicide. Do you think that this could have happened if she used snap chat at the time to send a 2 seconds snap? I would think not as they wouldn’t have enough time to screen shot the images. This is just one positive way of looking at snap chat just to point out that she did this using Facebook.

    Post deleting in 3…2… or is it ?


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